About Dixie

Our Boy Dixie

Dixie loved food. For nearly thirteen years he was an eager sampler of my home made dog biscuits and was happy to be a quality control collie. Sadly we lost him on August the 8th 2004. But there’s no doubt that this is how he’d want to be remembered, in food!

We have Willow and Eddie on the quality control team now. Like Dixie, they prefer biscuits with flavour. Biscuits they can really get their teeth into. Biscuits worth eating. I like biscuits made with real ingredients, not E numbers and artificial flavourings and colourings. That’s the main difference between my biscuits and the commercial variety – I use only human-grade ingredients that I’d want to eat myself – and often I do. Wherever possible I use local ingredients from right here in glorious Somerset – and I think you can taste the difference. Open a bag and the smell tells you instantly about the flavours, something which is sadly lacking in a lot of dog treats. The texture is important too and the bone-shaped biscuits are thick and nicely crunchy – don’t confuse them with the wafer-thin biscuits that are out there, because these are a big bite! The ‘Nutty But Nice’ are crisp and light, and ‘Bee-nana Bites’ are softer, Cheddar Gorgeous are flakier, but all are equally doglicious. I don’t add anything artificial whatsoever, nor any colourings and certainly no salt or sugar. I start with fresh and wholesome ingredients, and you get fresh and wholesome biscuits. This of course does affect the shelf life, which is typically four weeks, though I have had them keep longer with no ill effects at all – however, that’s my choice, I recommend a guide of one month from baking. You can freeze them, but you lose some of the crunch and that ‘just baked’ aroma.